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Our Gardens for 2024

Mary K's Garden:

New garden this year, started in Jan 2022 and finished in April. The plants attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds and the pond provides water for pollinators. The Koi are safe from predators with their fish cage. The garden is also a food forest with 11 fruit trees and raised beds for vegetables. The swale captures rainwater and filters it back into the garden. 

Here is her Plant List:
Mexican Marigold, Pittosporum 'Golf Ball', Passion Vine, Bacopa, Popcorn plant or Candelabra Tree, Strawberry Tree, Meadow Sage, Geraldton waxflower, Blue Salvia, Asian Pear Tree, Pineapple Sage, Pomegranate "Wonderful", Mexican Sage, Toyon tree

Peggy's Garden:

This garden was started in August 2011. It's main feature is the Eco-Lawn, a drought tolerant lawn left unmowed for a free-flowing natural effect. A bubbler fountain is tucked in one corner. Low water usage plants surround the center lawn and towards the back of the front yard, a butterfly garden rests inside a quaint stone planter. Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees enjoy this garden as well as an occasional raccoon who is attracted to the water feature.

Plant List:
Duranta, Tree Mallow, Nearly Thornless Climbing Rose, Buddeleia, Rice Flower, Salvias, Thyme

and: Society Garlic, Butterfly Plant, Candy Tuft, Alyssum, Eco Grass, Chinese Fringe Flower

Marie's Garden:

This newly planted drought tolerant garden was formerly a conventional lawn and flower bed garden. It has been transformed to an almost all California Native and California friendly garden. It has a copper drip system that uses 50 - 70 % less water and a rainwater catchment system fed by rain gutter pipes. Efficient pumps for the fountains use about 25 % less electricity, Designed for work and entertaining; the goal is to make people want to stay and create their own garden paradise.

Plant List:

Yarrow, Desert Mallow, Globe Apricot Mallow, Buckwheat, Island Bush Poppy, Blue Elderberry, St. Catherine’s Lace, Creeping Snowberry, Erigonum Giganteum

Denise's Garden:

Three years ago the front and back yards were nothing but dust.

Today the yards are lush with mostly rescued plants, cuttings and recycled and repurposed items. The front yard is serene, the side yard picturesque but the backyard is a secret garden hideaway. Creative use of hanging plants and vines, and climate appropriate plants, makes this a garden you don't want to miss

Here is a partial Plant List:
Madagascar Jasmine, Butterfly Bush, Dymondia, Silver Carpet, Sedum, Air plants, Giant Potato Vine, Elkhorn Fern, Buddleia

Mother Nature's Backyard Preview:

Mother Nature's Backyard is a water-wise and life-friendly demonstration garden.

Installed in the Spring of 2012, the garden is located within the Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve - funded by the West Basin Water District and the South Coast Chapter of the CA Native Plant Society.

The garden looks like a local backyard with a shady back porch and attractive permeable walkways. The garden demonstrates many ways to make your home garden more water-wise and life friendly including gutters and French drain, a rain garden, gardening based on water-zones (hydrozones, a bubbler fountain and use of California native plants for clay soils. Talks and hands-on workshops presented each month.