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Historical Gallery

The gardens listed here were part of previous tours, but are not participating this year and we want to thank them once again for their participation.

Krystle and Mark's Garden:

Inspired by the horticulture landscape at Disneyland's Frontierland, these native plants create a habitat for butterflies, bees, and pollinators. Garden design elements include a bioswale and irregular rocks. South Bay Curb Appeal created a lush and wild garden where it is easy to see the plants' natural rhythms change every year. 


Plant List:
Diamond Heights Carmel Creeper, Moonshine Yarrow, Mountain Yarrow, Buzz Midnight Butterfly Bush, Sundrops, Black and Bloom Salvia, Coral Groundcover Aloe, Yellow Indian Mallow, Apricot Mallow, Mojave Buckwheat, Conejo Buckwheat, Blackfoot Daisy, Damianita Daisy, Point Sal Purple Sage, Salvia, Milkweed, Poppies

The Garcia Garden:

The garden was created back in 2004.
The front yard consists of climate appropriate plants which include: Cycads, Guara, anemone, scheflera, protea.
A variety of pondless waterfalls grace the front yard. These save water by not allowing an open space of water to evaporate. Water is drawn from an underground cistern.


Backyard plants:
Cycads,aeoniums, Euphorbia, phoenix palms, buddleia, pittosporum, Bamboo multiplex, encephalartos, kalanchoes.

The backyard has a Koi pond, and waterfalls and also houses a 4000 gallon rainwater harvesting system which catches rainwater and saves it for future irrigation use. This landscaper's latest passion would be his commercial and self-built aeroponics gardens. Mike also gives talks on vertical gardening and growing vegetables with recycled water. Check out the "floating" vegetable garden in the Koi pond.

Kathy's Garden:

This garden was started in 2013 after attending a free class by the Water Replenishment District of Southern California. They removed over a third of their water thirsty lawn and replaced it with a vibrant water wise garden.

A neighbor who is a stone mason, offered stones from his maintenance yard which were used to build a stone wall and a swale.


Plant List:Peppermint Tree, Bird of Paradise, Red Yucca, Yarrow, Lantana, Grevilleas, Dudleyas, Echeverias, Sticks on Fire, Sedum, Coleonema Album, Aeonium Sunburst

Sisson Garden:

Nestled among a tree-lined North Torrance neighborhood, this front yard scape boasts an eclectic mix of cactus, succulents and flowers as well as a relaxing, comfortable seating area.

Mixed in with the vegetation are antique relics of the past and whimsical windmills. Designed and constructed by the owners, this water wise yard scape, only two years old, began with dirt and 6000 pounds of flat stone, creating the seating area and pathways.

The plants and trees are all watered with a timed soaker-spray system to minimize water usage. Along the north side, follow the stone path to see an apple tree, blueberries and milkweed. Out front, the parkway is covered with dymondia for a nice looking, low maintenance entrance. At the far end, visit our “Little Free Library” where you can take a book / leave a book. Have a seat on the small reading bench and enjoy

Please stop by and chat with the owners for more information.